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Monthly Deals

Check our site often for amazing monthly deals. We drop prices as low as 50% off! See something on our site you like? stop in or contact us to order today!

20% OFF!
24 Pk. Hanks Spring Water
  • 24 pack

  • 84 per pallet

  • .5 liter (16.9 fl. oz.)

  • Hank's logo label wrapped around each bottle


35% OFF!
LED bulbs.jpg
10 Pk. LED Non-Dimmable 
  • 2700 Color Temperature

  • E26 Base Size

  • 10000 Hours

  • 10-Pack Light Bulb


30% OFF!
RV anti-freeze.jpg
RV Antifreeze Ethanol Blend
  • Rust and corrosion protection

  • Ready to use solution

  • Blend of ethanol and propylene glycol

  • For use in recreational vehicles, boats, spas, pools, and vacation homes

  • Formulated to -50 degree (F) burst protection


25% OFF!
extension cord.jpg
50' Round Orange Ext. Cord
  • 50 FT Outdoor cord

  • SJTW cord

  • Round orange cord


30% OFF!
3M Filtrete Clean Air Filters
  • 3 months of clean air performance (under normal conditions)

  • Removes 92% of airborne dust, pollen and mold circulating through your home.

  • Traps airborne particles that can cause allergy flareups


30% OFF!
wild bird food.jpg
20 Lb. Premium Bird Food
  • Black Sunflowers

  • Milo

  • Quality blend of nutritious seeds and grains

  • Cracked Corn

  • White Proso Millet

  • Peanuts Parts


Monthly Deals

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